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A US Roaster Corp. Millennium Roaster Produces
Coffee Review Magazine's All-Time Highest Rated Coffee,
Scoring A "High 98" in 2019's Competition
Above: "Coffee Dan" poses with his 1-kilo "Mini Rev" Revelation lab roaster at Coffee Fest Orlando in November 2023.
Meet "Coffee Dan" Jolliff
The Man Behind The "Millennium,"
the Roaster Behind
The World's First 98 Point Coffee
Dan Jolliff may have actual coffee in his veins.  After 40 years in the business, it seems quite likely!

Dan caught the coffee bug early on from his father, who worked his way up to Southwest Division Manager at Cain's Coffee Co. of Oklahoma City.  Dan eventually started his own coffee service company in the 1990's, including trying his hand at roasting.

After starting in the roasting business, Dan got to know the mechanical and electrical ins and outs of roasters.  He'd rebuild and refurbish an occasional roaster, and eventually decided that he could probably build one from scratch better than the others that were out there.

Turns out he was right.  One of his company's roasting systems, dubbed the "Millennium," was used by Dragonfly Coffee Roasters of Boulder, Colorado to roast Coffee Review's highest ever graded coffee.  Their roast earned a score of "High 98" in 2019's competition.

The Dragonfly roaster is a 70 kilo Millennium Roaster with power afterburner.  Following Dan's recommendation, Dragonfly favored and purchased the larger model roaster over smaller "shop roasters."

USRC Roasters have been University tested for reliability and roast quality.
Before you invest in ANY roaster, just talk to Dan.
He'll answer ALL your questions.
Then you can decide what's best for you!


Call "Coffee Dan" anytime Mon-Fri 8am-5pm CT
Coffee Dan pauses for a picture while he and a team member put the finishing touches on a Probat roaster overhaul.

Yep, they also refurbish major-brand

roasters at USRC.
Go to Roasters Exchange for details.

Tamas Christman with his
Millennium Roaster in Colorado.
Below:  Dragonfly Coffee Roasters co-owner Tamas Christman (L) and USRC Founder's son Daniel Jolliff (R) pose in front of DCR's US Roaster Corp 70 Kilo Millennium Roasting System installed in their Boulder, Colorado roastery.